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Rod Minnes | MHC Mortgage House


As the Broker/Owner of MHC Mortgage House, I bring 26 years experience in the industry, 20 years as a Managing Broker, an Accounting Degree, and a Professional Bankers Degree and I will use my experience and knowledge to work with the challenges that people are facing today when obtaining that dream of home ownership. However, over and above those qualifications, I bring forward as many testimonials as you want to see that will show a long history of providing comprehensive customer satisfaction!

MHC Mortgage House is a mortgage brokerage that brings together business partners that are committed to “customer service”! Buying a home can be an emotional and stressful time, and it will be my goal to find and secure the most appropriate financing available, and bring an in-depth knowledge of the lenders, their mortgage products, and the current financial environment.

At MHC, the only satisfaction for us is your long term and on-going relationship with our company. While many other competitors strive for only a mortgage approval, we are looking for a long term financial relationship. We desire what is best for you, and will be honest and forthright about your financial situation and house buying future, never forgetting that this most likely will not be the only time you will need our services!

I look forward to being part of your property purchase, and promise a dedicated partner on into the future!



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“I know how hard you worked on this for quite a few weeks and I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all the hoops you jumped through for this. Thank you very much for everything.”
– Michelle Volk

“Steven and I are very happy with the help you have given us, especially when buying our first house – being on a Temporary Work Permit and coming when the market was crazy, that was very much appreciated.
Then again when we moved to our second house.

We have no problem recommending you to anyone who is talking about getting a house and making enquiries about mortgages.”
Jayne Green

– Stephanie Audibert


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